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I've never been to Wizard World Texas, but I hear it's pretty good. The guest list always features some top talents.
This is the webpage for the local show in Austin, Texas.
This site is well designed and tells you everything you need to know about the Dragon Con.
The fifth installment in the Wizard World convention circuit. Boston is a great city, and you can't go wrong with a Wizard convention.
This looks like it's a relatively new show taking place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the spring of 2006.
A smaller Chicago alternative for those who may not want the crowds of Wizard World...
I'm pretty sure that this was the first Wizard World convention. Chicago is a great city, and you can't go wrong with a Wizard convention. This is one of their bigger shows, and there are always top talents in attendance.
I've never been to this convention, but the website has an excellent design. I think I might check it out one day...
This convention takes place in November, and from what I understand it is one of the bigger conventions of the year.

Small Press Alternatives Comics Expo - cool acronym and a rare chance to meet Cerebus creator Dave Sim.

This is a neat site that lists the upcoming conventions in chronological order. They even do some reviews...
The world's only on-line comic convention. How cool is that? It has it's own artist alley and everything. Gee, I wish I had thought of this one.
Well, it's technically in Novi, Michigan...but if I put it under N for Novi, who the heck would ever find it?
20 years and counting! Looks like a decent lineup too!
These people hold conventions almost monthly. Every other place in the world might have one big show a year and these folks run a show almost monthly. How could a person ever keep up?
The guest list here usually includes creators from the L.A. area studios like Aspen and Top Cow. It was moved for the 2006 show from Long Beach to downtown L.A.
The thing that strikes me most about this convention is that it seems really reasonably priced. How can you go wrong for a $9.00 two day admission?
Looks like they run these shows fairly frequently, and with big names too.

Jeff Harper Productions puts on regular conventions across the state of Ohio in Akron, Columbus, Canton and Cleveland. There's basically a convention every month!

I've been to this convention, and I think it was an excellent way to spend a weekend. Besides, who it's a great convention to combine with the family vacation, head over to Disney World, Universal Studios, play some golf, especially if you're from the North!

Looks like they run these shows pretty frequently...nice guest list too.
This definetly looks like it's the bigger of the two Philadelphia comic conventions. The guest list always features some top talents.
I've gotta like any site that has the information up for the convention over a year in advance. I don't know what I'm doing next weekend and they've got a whole convention planned for over a year a way.
A show that focuses mainly on Anime, but does have a few mainstream comic guests as well.
Hosted at the Scottish Rite Center.
To attend SDCC it's either a cross continent drive or a 6 hour flight. Either way, all indications are that this convention is worth the travel time. This is the big one - the show of all shows! (This site also serves as the jump page to Alternative Press Expo and WonderCon, both in San Francisco. It's a
The nation's largest independant press expo. (This site also serves as the jump page to Comic-con International, in San Diego and WonderCon, in San Francisco).
A smaller version of the big San Diego show. (This site also serves as the jump page to Alternative Press Expo, in San Francisco and to the Comic-con International, in San Diego).
Seattle sounds like a very cool place and this show always seems to draw some serious talent.
This looks like a relatively small show that attracts some pretty well known talent.
I go to this convention every year. I think that it is a really fun show and worthwhile.
This is a fantastic show for comic book fans to attend. The show stays focused on comics rather than the side-shows that occur at other conventions. They have great top notch creators every year and it's well worth the price of admission.
A show dedicated entirely to the 1980's phenomenon that was The Transformers. The 2005 edition is the 5th annual Canadian Transformers convention.
This site doesn't haven't tons of information, but it has the main info: who, where and when.
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