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This looks like it's a relatively new show taking place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the spring of 2006.
A smaller Chicago alternative for those who may not want the crowds of Wizard World...
I'm pretty sure that this was the first Wizard World convention. Chicago is a great city, and you can't go wrong with a Wizard convention. This is one of their bigger shows, and there are always top talents in attendance.
I've never been to this convention, but the website has an excellent design. I think I might check it out one day...
This convention takes place in November, and from what I understand it is one of the bigger conventions of the year.

Small Press Alternatives Comics Expo - cool acronym and a rare chance to meet Cerebus creator Dave Sim.

This is a neat site that lists the upcoming conventions in chronological order. They even do some reviews...
The world's only on-line comic convention. How cool is that? It has it's own artist alley and everything. Gee, I wish I had thought of this one.
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