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This is the official website for her comic, Artbabe.  There isn't any original artwork for sale that I can see, but there is a do it yourself section.
This site is dedicated to the artwork of comic artist Butch Adams with links to a gallery and eBay auctions.
An online portfolio and official site of illustrator / cartoonist Joel Adams.
The official site for Neal Adams.  A very functional site with artwork and comics for sale, a gallery, and clips from movies and newscasts. Neal is the founder of Continuity Comics and Batman artist extraordinaire.
Shawn's Pick!
This is the official site for former Black Panther inker Bob Almond. The site is run by Bob himself, and features an extensive selection of his works for sale. is the official online home of friend and artist Kalman Andrasofszky. Kalman has worked on several different projects in both the comics and RPG worlds. He co-created iCandi for DC Comics and has worked on Star Wars and D20. Enough talk - go check out his site!
Shawn's Pick!

The official site for comic book legend Dick Ayers.  There isn't much on the site, but it does have a link to email Mr. Ayers himself.

Kyle Baker's official site. I'm pretty sure one of his first published works was Transformers #10. I loved that comic...
Jim's probably best known for his long run on Catwoman, but here at Jim's official site, the focus is his latest project Tarot. Although there isn't any original artwork for sale you can purchase limited edition lithographs and posters. Plus, there is an email link so if you are interested in his work I would try that route.
The official website for comic art and graphic design artist Shane Bollin.
The official website for illustrator Al Bigley. He has posted many samples of his published work and commissions.
This is a site. There is a biography, FAQ, art gallery, and Steve will do commission sketches.
The official site of artist extraordinaire Bryan Bolland. He might just be the most detail orientated comic book artistever. I'd love to get my hands on a page from The Killing Joke. No original art for sale at this site that I could see, but plenty of scans.
Shawn's Pick! - the official site of comic artist Rich Bonk. This beautifully designed site has a checklist, a gallery, art for sale and more.
Jim is a Cartoonist/Illustrator/Comic Book artist, based in the UK. .
The official website for cover artist on the new Punisher series, Tim Bradstreet. This is a very good site with a nifty flash intro to boot.
This is Wardell's official site for his comic strip, named Spifficated. If you want to know the definition of Spifficated, you'll have to check the site.
I really like the design of this site. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...
I'm a fan of Newton's work. He does some very nice fantasy type pieces. His artwork is available for purchase from this site.
This site has a news section, art for sale, a gallery with tons of scans, and about 12 other sections I haven't looked at yet. The artwork is nice, but pricey, so make sure you have your gold card if you plan to leave with anything.
This is more of a site advertising The Creech than it is for comic art. There are a couple of scans though, and checklists of Capullo's work.
There is some of Cardy's artwork displayed in a gallery, as well as a biography and convention appearances. There is no artwork for sale however, as the gallery scans are from private collections.
This is the official website of Italian artist Fernando Caretta. Another artist represented by super dealer Enrico Salvini.
This is the official website of Italian artist Giovanna Casotto. And another artist represented by super dealer Enrico Salvini.
This is the commercial site for Liberty Meadows. Nice galleries, but no artwork for sale.
This site has an art gallery, art for sale, a biography and more. Also, Giorgio is currently accepting commissions and in my opinion, some of them are tres cool. He is possibly the best unknown talent I've ever seen. And, he is yet another artist represented by super dealer Enrico Salvini.
This site has great artwork from the inker of Spawn: The Dark Ages and Kiss: Psycho Circus. More recently, Kevin has been doing some spectacular inks over my friend Francis Manapul. Artwork is reasonably priced and Kevin accepts commissions so check it out!
This site has a gallery, biography and interviews. There isn't a art for sale section, but there is a link to Tom's auctions and you can email to enquire about the possibility of having a commission piece done.
Pro inker Mike DeCarlo's site. Have a look at his commissions - they look great and they're extremely well placed.
Prints, Original Artwork, Commissions - this site has it all for the Kim DeMulder fan.
This site is set up to promote his comic Wrathstar. I didn't see any artwork for sale but you there is an email link so if you're interested try that route.
Online home of fantasy and comic artist Michael Dixon. Michael has done work for Wizards of the Coast, Alderac Entertainment and Fantasy Flight Games.
Colleen runs this site herself, and it features artwork galleries and a bio page.
There are several galleries at this page, although I can't find any artwork for sale. In addition, there is a comprehensive checklist of Dave's work, and a bio page as well.
The Starbucks parody is gone, but the rest of the site remains. It's still an over 18 adventure, kids...
A showcase of beautiful pencil work and paintings at very reasonable prices. There is plenty of art available for viewing here as well as links to auctions and commissions
There are several galleries of original art at this page, but none for sale that I could see. You can contact John from his site.
You will find the digital comic book coloring and graphic art of Mike Estlick at this site.
Artistic, romantic, intelligent cartoons with the unique style.
Karl is another member of the Horhaus crew - sharing webspace with Kalman Andrasofszky, Matthew Forsythe, and Karl Kerschl. Did you know that cats can keep you from Bermuda?
Matthew is yet ANOTHER member of the Horhaus crew - sharing webspace with Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl, and Kalman Andrasofszky. You should have seen this guy go at TCAF 2005. He was selling ojingogo books like mad so have a look!
This is the official home of the spectacular artwork of Frazetta. There is artwork for sale, a gallery, prints, lithographs and a members section. This site also has a really cool feature, in my opinion, where they will actually authenticate a piece of art that is being solicited as a Frazetta. That's valuable. I can't imagine anything worse than spending $30K on a painting to find out that it's a Fugazi not a Frazetta. Well, maybe what happened to William Wallace at the end of Braveheart...
The is the online website for penciler/inker Scott Fry, and it also features his larger
than character, Gauche-Man!
This site is easy to navigate, as it only has three or four pages. There is original artwork for sale, and Al is accepting commissions. As well there are galleries of his artwork.
This site includes a gallery of illustrations and design ranging from comic book art to cartoon pinups, character design, tattoo art, and portraiture.
This is the official site of Kevin Graham and Graham Art Productions. There are some very nice galleries here. In particular, I liked a Yoda piece in the Star Wars section.
Hell Kitty is the official site for Y: The Last Man artist Pia Guerra. This site is run by Pia herself and features a Bio, Gallery and Blog. Y: The Last Man is one of my favorite comics on the shelf today. Original and fresh, it's well worth the read. Check it out if you haven't already!
Shawn's Pick!
There are several galleries on this site, although I couldn't find any artwork for sale. There is also a game, and if you can get it to work, your technical skills must be far greater than mine.
This is the bilingual site for Charles Guthrie and every Saturday a new comic drawing of a girl is posted. Also comics, gags and illustrations.
Here we have comic book artist and illustrator, Flint F. Hasbudak's official web site. The site is nicely divided into sections for sequentials, pinups and sketches.
Stephen has a wide variety of galleries of his artwork with content from comic art and illustration to photography. I liked his site, and recommend you have a look.
Home of Electra cover artist supreme Greg Horn. This is Greg's official site. You can purchase Greg's artwork from the folks over at MothComiX. Drop them a line!
Greg's official site is the new home of Lethargic Lad! I think Lethargic Lad is hilarious and, if you agree, you should check this site because the comic is now online. Also at this site there is an online store where you can buy back issues of Lethargic Comics Weakly, original art and more.
The online home of the brilliant James Jean. James has done cover artwork for Fables and Batgirl amongst other things. His artwork can be purchased through Process Recess.
Shawn's Pick!
Home of the Potentate! You've gotta love this guy's art. You just do. He's done some interior work (like on Superman: Red Son) but he's primarily known for his cover work on 100 Bullets. He's real funny too. Read the "Artwork for Sale" commentary. I nearly lost control of bodily functions!
This site is run by Jeffrey and has an art gallery as well as an art for sale section and a biography.
This is Joe Jusko's official site, and showcases the artwork of the artist. The site is still a work in progress but there are some fantastic galleries. Joe is an amazing artist - I still remember his Savage Sword of Conan covers very fondly - and this site is a worthwhile stop for his fans.
Shawn's Pick!
Although this site is still in it's infancy, it's still pretty cool. Some of the artwork is breathtaking, including a really detailed Shadow painting and several album covers. Worth the time for those who enjoy Kaluta art.
This is the commercial site for Full Bleed comics. It is a bit different from the other commercial sites that I have seen in that it seems to be run by Dale himself. There isn't any original artwork for sale, but there is an original art gallery and there are signed back issues of Pitt available. This site is worthwhile for Dale Keown fans. After all, who could forget his original run on The Hulk?
A very design, with everything available from a photo album to commissions and original art. Worth the visit for all Kelly fans.
This site is run by Cam Kennedy himself, and he is selling his artwork and comic art pages accrued from last 20 odd years. Some very cool stuff, including pages from Star Wars Dark Empire.
Karl is another member of the Horhaus crew - sharing webspace with Brenden Fletcher, Matthew Forsythe, and Kalman Andrasofszky. He is the regular penciller on Superman, and his work is absolutely fantastic. You should check it out!
This site doesn't have anything in the art for sale department but has tons in that something special department. This site serves as the homepage for Joe Kubert's World of Cartooning. It has details about applying for his school, some quick tips, and some scans of artwork.
This is the official Savage Dragon website. It has a complete biography and bibliography for Erik Larsen. I don't think there is much original art on the site, but it does have a small sketchbook how to type section. Erik had a pretty good run on Amazing Spider-Man before starting up Savage Dragon and Image comics.
Beautifully designed web page for artist Bob LeFevre.
There are galleries, and several pages of art for sale (although no scans of the art for sale). There is also a checklist, and an up to date appearance schedule.
When you get to the title page, scroll right down to the bottom to get to the menu because it is off your screen when you first visit the site. Once inside, the site features an online comic, Sarge, and there are archives from the last 3 1/2 years.
Rod draws single panel cartoons about the funny side of school life.
This site has a sketchbook gallery and although it doesn't have original comic art for sale it does have comics for sale.
Local Toronto and current Necromancer penciller Francis Manapul's internet home. Really cool site featuring a bio and gallery, co-designed by my friend Don Van Horn. Francis's original artwork is available right here on ComicArtLinks.Com. Have a look at the available works.
Shawn's Pick!
Several pages for sale including commissions. There are also galleries and other things to keep you busy.
Online illustration portfolio of Heather Martin. Wow, I really I liked what I saw. I may look into a commission...
Jason's official website - Art Play Mix.
The official site for professional artist Vatche Mavlian. I absolutely love Vatche's work on Spider-man/Daredevil and Spiderman-Wolverine. If you missed the monthly issues they are collected in a handy trade paperback, and I highly recommend you check it out!
Shawn's Pick!
This site has an abundance of galleries, and there is quite a bit of artwork for sale. It is all organized by title, so it is to find what you are looking for. Remember when the Fall From Grace storyline was the hottest thing going in comics?
This is more of a commercial Spawn site than anything else. Unfortunately not much to speak of in the way of original art or art galleries.
Bob's sitehas hundreds of his pages up for sale, and the best part is that they span most of his career. He has stuff that is fairly recent as well as stuff that is 15 years old. Among the hundreds of books Bob has worked on, he collaborated with Mike Zeck on one my favorite comic story lines of all time - Kraven's Last Hunt.
Shawn's Pick!
This is the place to go if you are looking for a commission or artwork from Ken Meyer Jr. This is his official site, and it is run by him (as far as I can gather).
At this official site you can view a gallery, order commissions, and find out just about anything you would want to know about Pop Mhan.
This is Alan's site. Of course, Mr. Moore is a writer, so there isn't much in the way of original art. There is, however, quite a bit of other material worth a look including scripts and such. Alan Moore is responsible for incredible works such as Watchmen, From Hell, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - artist or not, how can you pass by his site?
Shawn's Pick!
This site is run by Jason, and is called Ink Machine Productions. He offers a lot of his original works for sale.
New Dawn GraphX is the online home of a freelance artist,he is a penciller, inker, colourist and graphic designer. He has done some work for Independent Publishers.
Hoang's site has a nice design and numerous scans. A must see site for Hoang's fans.
I love Mike's work, particularly on Jason and the Argobots and Queen and Country. Make sure you check out his site, and "Y'all back off now!"
Shawn's Pick!
PARK, Andy
This site is well designed and features the artwork penciller Andy Park of Tomb Raider fame. Worth the look.
Archie artist Dan Parent makes his home here. There are many galleries showcasing his Archie work, though I didn't see anything for sale.
According to Ken, this site is a work in progress, but there is already a bunch to do there. An original art section for sale, a comic section, sneak prevue, what's new and more. This site is off to a good start.
There are many artists and a very elaborate commission structure if you are so inclined.
Online home of Michael L. Peters, comics and fantasy artist. Michael has been published by Image, Caliber, and Heavy Metal and he accepts commissions! There is some very nice stuff here folks.
Pretty cool site from "Brando". Lots of Macromedia stuff going on!
This is a more of a Elfquest and Warp Graphics site than a Wendy Pini site. Wendi created Elfquest, and it has been a very successful indendently published comic.
There are several original art galleries with artwork for sale at this site and Alberto is accepting commissions.
The official online home of the critically acclaimed Paul Pope. A worthwhile visit for any of his fans.
Umm, this ones for the big kids!
This site has drawings, prints and landscapes for sale, a sketchbook gallery, a biography, an email link for George and more. Have a look, if you are a fan of his work, this site is must see.
Galleries, Links, and a journal are some of the available features at Steve's official site.
Steve's official site, called Hotwired, has an original art gallery (although I'm not sure if any of it is for sale), a checklist, and a news section.
Features the art of comic artist Gordon Purcell, who has done work on Star Trek, X-Files, Silver Sable, Robin and many others. Art and commissions are available.
This site features galleries, and galleries, and galleries by artist James Reddington.
The online home for the current Wolverine penciller. Very nice layout at this site, and his artwork is extremely reasonably priced!
Official home page of comic artist Denis Rodier. Denis has a gallery of his comic and illustration work available for view as well as a biography and links sections. Denis does have several pages of artwork available for sale. Unfortunately, his site is not set up commercially so if you are interested in some of his available works be sure to email him - you'll be glad you did. Le texte au site web de Denis est également disponible en français.
A very nice site out of PMK's Imagination (an original sponsor of ComicArtLinks.Com way back in the day). There is some very nice artwork to look at and Ty is available for commission work.

I absolutely love Eduardo's work, and this website is well designed, easy to use and has plenty of eye candy for his fans. Original artwork is available from 100 Bullets, Batman and other works. Every now and then Eduardo is available for commissions, and you'll get the details here at his official site. One of these days I'll get one of Dizzy...

Incidentally, if you aren't reading 100 Bullets yet what is taking you so long? It wins award after award, year after year and it's one of the few books that I buy monthly and in Trade Paperback format. Get out from under that rock and head over to Amazon and try the first trade - I was hooked!


Shawn's Pick!
There is quite a bit of original artwork on this site, and also a link to his eBay auctions for even more artwork. There is also an up to date appearances page and news page.
This is Joe's official site and focuses mainly on his illustration skills. For his comic related artwork, pages for sale, and commission information, head on over to Spencer Beck's
This site has everything you could ever want to know about Steve Rude the Dude. Steve has a nice online gallery, an FAQ, biography and more. He is also accepting commissions, but is apparently backed up on those.
There isn't much in the way of galleries or art for sale at this official site, but there is a link to Russell's eBay auctions.
Bio, galleries, news, updates, art sales, previews and multiple forums pertaining to Liam Sharp, comics and life in general.
Marc is one of the premier artists of the day. His official site has a ton of scans, and artwork for sale from Top Cow and Marvel. Go have a look.
Diego is an artist for Carnal Comics. You'll find dark ilustrations, paintings and drawings at this site.
This is Ash's official site and focuses on his fantasy & horror illustrations..
Scott Story is a free lance illustrator and comic book artist. There is a lot of stuff on his site, some nice galleries and such. It's worth checking out, IMO.
You probably know Drew's work even if you don't know you know. He is the creative genious behind the wonderful movie posters for franchises like Blade Runner, Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom), Star Wars (The Phantom Menace), and Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets).
This site has art galleries, artwork for sale and Saverio is accepting commissions. In addition, there is a link so that you can be notified whenever the site is updated.
This is the website for John. It does feature some of his artwork for sale, including Swamp Thing and Miracle Man artwork!
This site features a portfolio of comic book superheroes, sci-fi and fantasy art appearing in Spectrum 12.
This is a cool site from fellow Comicart-L lister and artist Loston Wallace.
There is lots of artwork for sale from Robotech so if you are into that kind of thing, this is probably a good site for you. Unfortunately there are no prices or scans for the artwork.
Image Gallery, News & Contact Site for UK comics artist John Watson. Wow, there are some nice paintings on this site.

This is the Calvin and Hobbes official website. It is a commercial site, but it does have a biography of Mr. Watterson. Also, they are hosting images of each of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, right from the beginning.

There is a new boxed set available featuring georgeous hardcovers collecting the daily Calvin and Hobbes strips. If you thought this strip was as funny as I did, you may want to pick this beautiful set up for your collection.

Shawn's Pick!
This is a pretty cool flash site for artist Skip Williamson.
This is the online home of the legendary Barry Windsor-Smith. There is a small selection of his original works for sale, and you can contact them if you have a specific piece in mind.
Official site for Jim Woodring's Frank comic. No original art for sale right now.
A personal site dedicated to Megan Woodrum's artwork as well as her comic, "Awaken".
The online gallery and portfolio of freelance artists Wayne A. Wong. There is some really nice stuff here, including Wayne's personal collection.
This site is now functional again, and has been updated considerably. There are still portions of the site that are coming soon, but you can register and you will be notified any time something changes.
Judge Dredd artist Xuasus (Juan Garcia), has also brought his work to the big screen on films as "Kingdom of Heaven", "Troy", "Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets)", "Rome" and "Dinotopia".
Shawn's Pick!
This site has many features, from traditional to digital art, character designs, concept art and illustrations.
Really cool online home of illustrator Dean Yeagle. Crisp design and good content, featuring an expansive gallery of his works.
Well, I spent 20 minutes looking all over this site to find out Christina's real last name. I've wondered that for quite some time now, but more importantly, I was trying to figure out whether she should be before or after ZECK.

Official web page of one of my favorites - comic book artist and creator of Damned, Mike Zeck. Mike is an amazing artist and a great guy. I hold his work on Captain America, The Punisher, and Kraven's Last Hunt in the highest regard.

This site is run by Mike himself, and features a comprehensive checklist of all his comic book work from the late 1970's to present, a gallery of the artwork he has available for sale (check out his cover recreations), a news section and even a step by step how to section. An excellent resource for any Mike Zeck or comic book fan


Shawn's Pick!
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