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Kyle Baker's official site. I'm pretty sure one of his first published works was Transformers #10. I loved that comic...
Jim's probably best known for his long run on Catwoman, but here at Jim's official site, the focus is his latest project Tarot. Although there isn't any original artwork for sale you can purchase limited edition lithographs and posters. Plus, there is an email link so if you are interested in his work I would try that route.
The official website for illustrator Al Bigley. He has posted many samples of his published work and commissions.
This is a site. There is a biography, FAQ, art gallery, and Steve will do commission sketches.
The official site of artist extraordinaire Bryan Bolland. He might just be the most detail orientated comic book artistever. I'd love to get my hands on a page from The Killing Joke. No original art for sale at this site that I could see, but plenty of scans.
Shawn's Pick! - the official site of comic artist Rich Bonk. This beautifully designed site has a checklist, a gallery, art for sale and more.
Jim is a Cartoonist/Illustrator/Comic Book artist, based in the UK. .
The official website for cover artist on the new Punisher series, Tim Bradstreet. This is a very good site with a nifty flash intro to boot.
This is Wardell's official site for his comic strip, named Spifficated. If you want to know the definition of Spifficated, you'll have to check the site.
I really like the design of this site. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...
I'm a fan of Newton's work. He does some very nice fantasy type pieces. His artwork is available for purchase from this site.
This site has a news section, art for sale, a gallery with tons of scans, and about 12 other sections I haven't looked at yet. The artwork is nice, but pricey, so make sure you have your gold card if you plan to leave with anything.
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