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This site has a gallery, biography and interviews. There isn't a art for sale section, but there is a link to Tom's auctions and you can email to enquire about the possibility of having a commission piece done.
Pro inker Mike DeCarlo's site. Have a look at his commissions - they look great and they're extremely well placed.
Prints, Original Artwork, Commissions - this site has it all for the Kim DeMulder fan.
This site is set up to promote his comic Wrathstar. I didn't see any artwork for sale but you there is an email link so if you're interested try that route.
Online home of fantasy and comic artist Michael Dixon. Michael has done work for Wizards of the Coast, Alderac Entertainment and Fantasy Flight Games.
Colleen runs this site herself, and it features artwork galleries and a bio page.
There are several galleries at this page, although I can't find any artwork for sale. In addition, there is a comprehensive checklist of Dave's work, and a bio page as well.
The Starbucks parody is gone, but the rest of the site remains. It's still an over 18 adventure, kids...
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