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This is the commercial site for Full Bleed comics. It is a bit different from the other commercial sites that I have seen in that it seems to be run by Dale himself. There isn't any original artwork for sale, but there is an original art gallery and there are signed back issues of Pitt available. This site is worthwhile for Dale Keown fans. After all, who could forget his original run on The Hulk?
A very design, with everything available from a photo album to commissions and original art. Worth the visit for all Kelly fans.
This site is run by Cam Kennedy himself, and he is selling his artwork and comic art pages accrued from last 20 odd years. Some very cool stuff, including pages from Star Wars Dark Empire.
Karl is another member of the Horhaus crew - sharing webspace with Brenden Fletcher, Matthew Forsythe, and Kalman Andrasofszky. He is the regular penciller on Superman, and his work is absolutely fantastic. You should check it out!
This site doesn't have anything in the art for sale department but has tons in that something special department. This site serves as the homepage for Joe Kubert's World of Cartooning. It has details about applying for his school, some quick tips, and some scans of artwork.
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