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PARK, Andy
This site is well designed and features the artwork penciller Andy Park of Tomb Raider fame. Worth the look.
Archie artist Dan Parent makes his home here. There are many galleries showcasing his Archie work, though I didn't see anything for sale.
According to Ken, this site is a work in progress, but there is already a bunch to do there. An original art section for sale, a comic section, sneak prevue, what's new and more. This site is off to a good start.
There are many artists and a very elaborate commission structure if you are so inclined.
Online home of Michael L. Peters, comics and fantasy artist. Michael has been published by Image, Caliber, and Heavy Metal and he accepts commissions! There is some very nice stuff here folks.
Pretty cool site from "Brando". Lots of Macromedia stuff going on!
This is a more of a Elfquest and Warp Graphics site than a Wendy Pini site. Wendi created Elfquest, and it has been a very successful indendently published comic.
There are several original art galleries with artwork for sale at this site and Alberto is accepting commissions.
The official online home of the critically acclaimed Paul Pope. A worthwhile visit for any of his fans.
Umm, this ones for the big kids!
This site has drawings, prints and landscapes for sale, a sketchbook gallery, a biography, an email link for George and more. Have a look, if you are a fan of his work, this site is must see.
Galleries, Links, and a journal are some of the available features at Steve's official site.
Steve's official site, called Hotwired, has an original art gallery (although I'm not sure if any of it is for sale), a checklist, and a news section.
Features the art of comic artist Gordon Purcell, who has done work on Star Trek, X-Files, Silver Sable, Robin and many others. Art and commissions are available.
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