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This site features galleries, and galleries, and galleries by artist James Reddington.
The online home for the current Wolverine penciller. Very nice layout at this site, and his artwork is extremely reasonably priced!
Official home page of comic artist Denis Rodier. Denis has a gallery of his comic and illustration work available for view as well as a biography and links sections. Denis does have several pages of artwork available for sale. Unfortunately, his site is not set up commercially so if you are interested in some of his available works be sure to email him - you'll be glad you did. Le texte au site web de Denis est également disponible en français.
A very nice site out of PMK's Imagination (an original sponsor of ComicArtLinks.Com way back in the day). There is some very nice artwork to look at and Ty is available for commission work.

I absolutely love Eduardo's work, and this website is well designed, easy to use and has plenty of eye candy for his fans. Original artwork is available from 100 Bullets, Batman and other works. Every now and then Eduardo is available for commissions, and you'll get the details here at his official site. One of these days I'll get one of Dizzy...

Incidentally, if you aren't reading 100 Bullets yet what is taking you so long? It wins award after award, year after year and it's one of the few books that I buy monthly and in Trade Paperback format. Get out from under that rock and head over to Amazon and try the first trade - I was hooked!


Shawn's Pick!
There is quite a bit of original artwork on this site, and also a link to his eBay auctions for even more artwork. There is also an up to date appearances page and news page.
This is Joe's official site and focuses mainly on his illustration skills. For his comic related artwork, pages for sale, and commission information, head on over to Spencer Beck's
This site has everything you could ever want to know about Steve Rude the Dude. Steve has a nice online gallery, an FAQ, biography and more. He is also accepting commissions, but is apparently backed up on those.
There isn't much in the way of galleries or art for sale at this official site, but there is a link to Russell's eBay auctions.
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