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This is a cool site from fellow Comicart-L lister and artist Loston Wallace.
There is lots of artwork for sale from Robotech so if you are into that kind of thing, this is probably a good site for you. Unfortunately there are no prices or scans for the artwork.

This is the Calvin and Hobbes official website. It is a commercial site, but it does have a biography of Mr. Watterson. Also, they are hosting images of each of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, right from the beginning.

There is a new boxed set available featuring georgeous hardcovers collecting the daily Calvin and Hobbes strips. If you thought this strip was as funny as I did, you may want to pick this beautiful set up for your collection.

Shawn's Pick!
This is the online home of the legendary Barry Windsor-Smith. There is a small selection of his original works for sale, and you can contact them if you have a specific piece in mind.
The online gallery and portfolio of freelance artists Wayne A. Wong. There is some really nice stuff here, including Wayne's personal collection.
Official site for Jim Woodring's Frank comic. No original art for sale right now.
This site is now functional again, and has been updated considerably. There are still portions of the site that are coming soon, but you can register and you will be notified any time something changes.
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