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There are 80 pages or so for sale at this site, from about 12 different artists.
This site has tons of animation related artwork including Disney stuff.
This site sells both animation artwork and original comic art pages.
Anthony has a very large selection of art from a diversified number of artists.
This site offers art from several genres, not necessarily just comic art.
This is a classified listing service for artwork and has comic art only when someone lists it with them.
Bryan Hitch & Paul Neary original comic artwork for sale. Over 500 pages are available from J.L.A., The Authority, Stormwatch, Green Lantern and more. Pages are also available by pencilers Alan Davis, Humberto Ramos & Claudio Castellini, inked by Neary.
This site features artwork by Terry Palot and R.G. Taylor. Run by fellow Canadian and all round good guy Sean Menard.
This is a great site that features artwork from several artists and titles, from Spider-Man to the Power Puff Girls.
Definitely a must stop for comic art collectors. Thousands of pages from Bagley, Jimenez, Sawn, Layton, Finch, Perez, Jurgens and more.
This site has hundreds of pieces of artwork for sale, and it is very nicely organized.
This the web home of a shop in downtown T.O. that has a bunch of art.
This site features the artwork of Mark Texiera. I remember his run on Ghost Rider fondly...and he also did a little stint on Sectaurs!
Art for sale from about 50 or so artists, with at least two or three pieces for each artist.
This site features artwork from comic artists Mike McKone.
This site features a nice selection of artwork by several British artists.
This site has some prints for sale by both Budd Root and Devon Massey.
This site has a large selection of comic stuff including some art for sale.
Kwan has a really cool java/macromedia something going on with his site. I really like it. It makes it easy to look up artwork. Check it out.
These folks represent British artist Dave Gibbons. Click the "Dave Gibbons" link on the left.
The newly redesigned site has well over 100 pages to view, a for sale section, and a convention page. Almost everything is up for trade for the right piece.
Now this is interesting - the first site I've ever seen dedicated to selling color guides...and they have lots of them too! If you're looking for colorguides this is the place to visit!
This site has a bunch of artwork, but I can't find prices on any of it.
A bunch of artwork for sale by a bunch of different artists. Very cool.
This site has a really large gallery featuring artwork from about 20 or so artists.
Here you will find one of the finest selections of original comicbook artwork for sale from the 1940's to present -- hundreds of pages of artwork with over 200 artists represented!
This site actually has a whole lot more than art for sale. There is also a gallery, essays on comic books and links.
The Internet Comic Book Exchange: They have the whole book to Avengers #5!
There are two dozen or so nice pages available at ComicQuest Original Art.
A nice selection of art from Dark Horse titles, organized by title and by artist.
Jim Warden is one of the greatest guy's in the original comic art world. Check out his site!
Well, if you haven't heard of eBay by now, there isn't much that my little comic art list is going to help you with.
This site has an excellent selection of Golden and Silver age books and a section for high end original art.
If this site has a problem, it's too much art - about 6000 pages!
This site features artwork from Arthur Adams and Joyce Chin. Enjoy!
There is one of the largest selection of original art on the net at this site.
This is a site for "Antiquarian Bookseller" Peter Harrington. It's a shop in London, England that sells antique books, but also sells Dr. Seuss and Harry Potter original artwork, among other things.
Shawn's Pick!
This site has artwork available from well over 100 artists, and you can view it in English, French and German.
This site features about 70 pages of art for sale from a nice variety of artists.
There is a wide variety of artwork available at this site ranging from <$50-$1K+. The inventory appears to be up to date and updated regularly.
Jay has 1 or 2 pieces of artwork from a nice selection of artists
Great selection of original art from several artists ranging in price from very inexpensive to high end.
This is the website of the reps for Wrightson & Ken Meyer Jr..
There is plenty of artwork for sale here, including the nicest Sandman cover I've ever seen...
This excellent site offers original artwork and rare comic related items for sale. In addition to a nice selection of miscellaneous artwork, they also exclusively represent Scott Hampton, George Pratt and Mike Wieringo. They even do framing!
The price of the pieces range from very affordable to pretty high end. Excellent site!
This site is well designed, easy to use, and has a decent selection of artwork for sale.
This is the jump page to all of Original Art Dealer Enrico Salvini's artists.
Nice selection and sleek website. Nice art from about a dozen different artists.
The large selection of artwork at this site is indexed alphabetically and easy to search.
Fellow Comicart-L lister Mike Burkey runs this site, and he has quite a selection!
This site is basically a list of different Sci-Fi art galleries. There are some comic art ones
In my opinion, the main attraction on this site is the art available from the Hildebrandt brothers.
Nice site with artwork from several modern artists featuring the artwork of Tim Bradstreet.
A small selection of fantasy artwork is available for sale at this site.
A nice, large selection of art broken down by publisher.
A rather small selection of original art - 2 pages, but some other things worth looking at.
With just under 100 pages of art on this site, and it features a nice cross section of different artists.
This site has a nice variety about 80 pieces for sale, from the silver age to present.
The on-line version of Kevin Eastman's museum, also has a section where you can buy art.
They put up a large catalogue of items that you can buy, and update it on a regular basis.
A whole bunch of pages for sale, all in alphabetical order.
Where graphic novels come alive! Art is available from European graphic novelists.
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