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Bags Unlimited: Protective bags for your original artwork can be tough to come by at the corner store. Go to Bags Unlimited, they'll have what you need!
Blambot: Excellent site that features word balloon graphics.
COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND: This site is the official site for the CBLDF. It has a lot of information on the organization, how and why it was founded, and who some of the key supporters are.
Comic Book Pros: This page doesn't feature any artwork for sale, but it is a jump page to 8 other original art sites.
Comic Book Resources: This site is pretty neat. It has a bunch of comic related material, including an online comic, newsgroups and lots of articles. I read an interesting one by Steven Grant on the current state of the comic industry.
COMICSDB: The premise of this site seems pretty neat. Once you register, this thing site will keep track of your whole collection for you so that you can sort them by artist, titles or character. Seems to me it might work for original art too. Only thing is, when I visited, I kept getting error messages when I ran searches.
comiXtreme: Great message boards where comic fans can sound off about a number of topics. They also host the message boards for several pros, including Francis Manapul.
Crystal Clear Bags Canada: A Canadian retailer for artist bags to protect your original art.
Dragonberry: This is another listing for Original Comic Art. Great site - check it out.
FREE COMICS: OK, I know what you are all thinking - yeah right..., or another gimmick, or probably $0.25 bin stuff, or....Well, as far as I can see that isn't the case. It's all legit. They're giving away some pretty cool books monthly too - including a copy of ASM #14. I figured, what the heck!
Jack Kirby Collector, The: Lots of info on Jack Kirby, who created several main stream characters. There is a large gallery of his work, a news section, analysis of his work, and a checklist. Well worth the surfing time for the Kirby fans and admirers out there.
KANE, Paul Michael: Paul's site serves as a jump page to all of the websites he has designed. Included are the sites of comic artists Matt Busch, Tom Derenick and more.
New Comic Book Releases List, The: This is a very useful site in my opinion. It has a list of all the comics that are coming our and it is updated on a weekly basis.
X-Fan: Great message boards where X-book fans to post their thoughts on Marvel X titles. They also host the message boards for several pros.
In this one I just give out Bryan Awards based on how much I like the site, the more awards, the more I liked it!
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