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I think the design of this site is really quite fun. I have hi-speed internet service, so I'm not sure how all the flash would run if you don't have the bandwidth, but it runs well for me!
This is the official site and has everything you could want to know about Caliber Comics.
This is the official site for Dark Horse Comics. They have a pretty cool site. They have a new application with which Bombshell becomes your desktop buddy. Sounds cool, if you're into the desktop buddies. I had Einstein working for me in Word for a bit, but then he started to drive me nuts.
You've heard of DC comics, haven't you? From Batman to Y: The Last Man, they've got stories for all ages.
Shawn's Pick!
These people figured out that the 1980's are hot, and brought back G.I.Joe! They've continued with the great Joe stuff, but they've also got some other great stories to tell. One of the concepts I like is for Hack/Slash.
Shawn's Pick!
The folks that bring me my comics every Wednesday.
Publishers of many signed and limited editions!
Good old Casper the Ghost. Gotta love it
This is the main Image comics site. This is mainly a jump page to all of the different image studios. You can link directly to Spawn, Savage Dragon, Top Cow, and other Image related sites.

This is the official site for Marvel comics, the publishers of many of my favorite comics, including my all time favorite Amazing Spider Man.

Marvel's new hardcover format is the perfect way to buy books as far as I'm concerned. They're oversized, affordable, and look great on the bookshelf. Some of my favoirites include The Ultimates (see right), Ultimate X-Men, Runaways and The Art of Marvel.

Shawn's Pick!
This is a great site from the small press publisher Oni Press. They are starting to come out with some really cool books, and their site is top notch. They have cool downloads like AIM IM Icons and desktops, and free online comics. What more could you ask for?
Shawn's Pick!
Septagon Studios is a publishing company founded in early 2003 by Nicola Defina, creator and visionary, whose lifelong dream of breaking into the comic book industry is finally being realized.
Home of the Witchblade, the Darkness and Battle of the Planets.
They've got a game while you wait for the site to download. It's one of those puzzle games. I got hooked!
This publisher produces graphic novels including Qwerty and Nothing Left to Lose.
This publisher's first effort is a charity jam comic featuring 52 of todays best artists each illustrating a page.
This is the website for the very popular Wizard magazine group of companies.
The roll-playing game company. Everything from Dungeons and Dragons to Star Wars.
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